What Does Your Heart Desire?

I was asked the question this morning, “What do your heart desire?” Having this thought come to mind several times throughout my lifetime I decided to sit and meditate on the question. My mind began racing with the many things my heart desired. But then I started to see a pattern within my desires. They all came down to 3 key facts: love, joy & peace. If I endured the list of desires my heart yearned for, I would be joyful, my heart and mind would be at peace and there would be love coming in and out.

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you became frustrated with not having it? Yeah I’m sure we all have! When asked the question, “What do your heart desire,” I was taught that in order to receive we must be patient and understanding with the process. I learned that some things we want, or desire are not gifted to us simply because it is not our time. Tough pill to swallow but that is the fact of the matter. Though we think the time is now and we are ready, deciding to carry on without proper guidance or wisdom could harm our precious desire. Do not get in the way of your own blessing. Instead, focus more on being patient, understanding and appreciative of where you are now and what you have now. Continue to pray for all your heart’s desire, believe and be confident that you will be in the position to receive in a way that is best for you.



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