The Power of Letting Go

We all know that saying, “let it go” is much easier than the action itself.

When we gain the strength and courage to let go, we gain peace, patience and understanding. We become wiser while life becomes easier to bare. Letting go teaches us to accept; to accept what is, to accept the things we cannot change, and to accept the grace of God.

The problems we endure in this world are not too great for us to handle. I know this may be hard to digest but it is true. We are handed problems that are meant to be a learning experience. To learn that growth is necessary. When we accept this learning experience, we become wiser and stronger than we were before. But the best gain of this learning experience is the ability to witness the strength we truly have. The inability to foresee situations, encourages us to believe them not to be true. But when we take the time to observe all that we have been through and where we are now, it encourages us to see anything is possible.

We typically become stagnant in growth when we focus too much of our attention on feelings of guilt, lost and others. When we choose to not let go, we miss the blessings yet to come. Most being right in front of us. So, what are you holding on to? Is it guilt, regret, pain, past trauma, people, materials? Ask yourself what will happen if I let go? Imagine how you would feel if you never had to carry that burden around with you any longer. Don’t be afraid to lose. Life is a losing game within itself. Accept the fact that nothing in this lifetime is guaranteed, not even our own lives. And with this understanding, choose to make the best of your life experiences while your Soul continues the fight.

There's beauty within the journey ahead.

May peace, love and prosperity be with you, Blessings.

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