My Secrets to Clear Healthy Skin

Let’s talk Rooted by Nature products and my secrets for healthy clear skin!

People always ask, “how do you get your skin so clear and smooth??” And of course, I say Rooted by Nature products! But there is more to my regime than just my products. I do not wear make up often but when I do its mascara and lip gloss or lip stick.

Here are 5 basic skin care techniques I use for clear healthy skin and let me just say when I slip in any of these areas my skin shows it all!

Hydration- Drinking lots of water

I drink water and coconut water. I like to put lemon or limes in my water which is great for skin clearing. I do not drink juice or pop at all unless I am juicing the fruit myself (which is not often). I have at least one cup of coconut water daily and I often use it in my smoothies. Coconut water is a great and fast way to hydrate. It is packed with electrolytes, protein, fiber, and potassium. You can also use Aloe vera juice if you are not a coconut fan.

Fruits & Vegetables

I intake about 4 to 5 servings of fruit & vegetables daily! Most of my servings are in my daily smoothies or juices to get those nutrients. I am a huge fan of drinking my fruits and veggies. The best fruits for clear skin are mangoes, oranges, blueberries, and strawberries. Any fruit high in Vitamin C essentially.

Monthly facials

Once a month I give myself a full facial using Aztec Healing Clay. The clay gets down in those pores and pulls out any dirt or build up that we are unable to see.

Sea Moss

Sea moss is a great for skin support and clearing up acne and rashes.

Cleansing your face before bed

Washing your face at night gets the buildup from the day off therefore you are not be transferring that dirt to your pillows which is especially important. You ALWAYS want to wash your face before you lay down. A lot of skin issues come from continuously lying on dirty surfaces (pillows, pillowcases). I cleanse my face with black soap. Now, some black soaps can really dry the skin out however I have found a brand that cleanses the face really good while restoring oils. You can also use unscented castile soap and it will give the same results. After I wash, I follow up with RBN whipped shea butter.

So that is my skin care regime and secrets to clear healthy skin. If you have any questions feel free to email me @ or direct message me on FB or IG.



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