Choosing A Doula

Want to have a natural birth? Wonder what the role of a Doula is or what things you should look for when choosing a Doula?

Here, I list, 5 of the most important qualities to look for.

A Doula is a trained or licensed professional that supports families physically, emotionally and socially. Your Doula will empower you to advocate confidently your wishes during pregnancy and post labor. We provide education and an abundance of resources in order to assist in making a safe and wise decision.

When it comes to choosing a Doula, there are 5 qualities to look for:

  1. Trustworthiness - Do you feel a safe, warming energy from this Doula? Will your Doula honor your decisions? Does this Doula seem supportive with your wishes?

  2. Professionalism- Do she portray herself professionally? Is your Doula organized? Does she stay within the scope of her abilities? In the case, she is unavailable will she have other options for you? Do she have a contract? Do she honor confidentiality?

  3. Listening- How well does your Doula listen to your needs?

  4. Client Empowerment- Do your Doula encourage and educate you to advocate for yourself? Will she help you discover your own strength? Does she identify your feelings and wants? Is she imposing any of her own opinions or ideas on you?

  5. Resources- Is your Doula providing you withe information and resources to help you with your decision making?

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