About Us


Hello and Welcome!

My name is Aireal and I am pleased to have you here! Allow me to share a little about myself. I am a Mother, doula, mentor, and influencer. I embarked on this journey of wholistic healing when I noticed the much healing that needed to take place within my own journey. When I became a Mother, is when I became consistent in my growth. I realized how much my actions and feelings effects not only myself but my entire family. 

Since then, I have eagerly reached out to many individuals and families, encouraging natural and internal healing for the mind, body and Spirit. 


This journey to ultimate bliss is everlasting. There has been and still are many challenges I face along the way, however, my hunger to give and to love has been my armor each step of the way. Therefore, each service or product I offer comes with an abundance of love and the intention to give each of you exactly what is needed. Please browse through and enjoy the site! If there is anything you are looking for specifically, please send me an email and I will do my best to accommodate you. If you are not well, neither am I so let us be each other’s vessel along the way.



Thank you,

Much love to you all